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Duration: 8 hours

Tours of Subiaco

Amongst the beautiful surroundings of the Lazio region, you can spend unforgettable moments with tours of Subiaco and its monasteries. In the sixth century there was no television, print, trains, airplanes, internet … we moved on foot or horseback and between distant places it was difficult to communicate with enormous linguistic difficulties. Yet, many centuries before the free movement of goods and people, the network of Benedictine monasteries succeeded in producing the circulation of ideas, cultures and inventions that allowed the people of Europe to share knowledge and grow together.

It all started from here: from that sort of franchise monasteries that St. Benedict of Nursia planted in the Valley dell’Aniene, during the thirty years spent in the area. Those twelve monasteries constituted in fact the prototype of what over a millennium and a half would connect Europe first and then the world. This itinerary allows us to admire the treasures of art unique in their kind. No one has ever remained indifferent to the sight of the Sacro Speco or time travel carried out between the architecture of St. Scholastica and because the story of St. Benedict of Nursia is compelling and belongs to each of us. Basically we are in large part the heirs of that culture preserved, cultivated and passed down through the centuries, through the network of Benedictine monasteries.


Important Notes:

  • if possible wear or take with you comfortable shoes even if walking is limited.

Admission Fees:

  • Entrance to monasteries is free, you are required to make a donation in case of guiding services.

Price includes private vehicle with driver-guide.



Payment DOES NOT include meals, entrance fees and gratuity.

For more passengers we use additional vehicles due to the strict Italian laws and regulations about public transportation carrying more than 8 people, in any case don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Note that the driver-guide will not enter sites although giving explanations from the vehicle of what you are seeing. Only Official Licensed Guides are allowed to escort you inside places and, on your request, we can provide such service at an extra cost. The vehicle will accompany you for the entire tour.

To book our services you have the choice to pay with Euro cash money at the end of service or to pre-pay the total fee by credit card with an additional 15%. We don’t accept credit cards as a form of payment on the day of service, we only accept cash in Euro and/or US$; if US$ we will give you the exchange rate of the day before the service increased by 5 cents.

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